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Oracle ASM on Solaris Containers/LocalZones/Non-Global zones

Today I got a requirements from my DBA that they want to try out Oracle ASM(Automated storage management) in Solaris Local zones. This is what I did to present raw devices local zones.

1. find out the disks which you want to present it to local zone.
2. If they are more than 1TB. you might want to label them as EFI Label otherwise SMI. Difference between EFI & SMI.
3. while labeling above disks, make sure you don’t assign the size of slice from sector 0. This is very important wherever you want to use raw device in Oracle ASM.
let me explain you clearly. suppose you’ve a disk of 0 – 5000 sectors. by default in Solaris, silce 2 means entire disk. now assign slice 0 starting sector with 35( you can choose anything above sector 1) and ending sector as 5000. that means we’ve slice 0 with required storage. forget about first 35 sectors.

#zonecfg -z zone1
zone1>add device
zone1>set match=/dev/rdsk/c2t64d6s0 # raw device path
zone1>add device
zone1>set match=/dev/dsk/c2t64d6s0 # block device path
global#zoneadm -z zone1 reboot
global#zlogin zone1 “ls -ld /dev/*/c2*”

Pretty much it. you should have physical disks in local zone and you may verify that with format or ls commands. Then as root change the ownership of both block/raw devices to oracle:dba

Now for oracle ASM to recognize those disks. use dbca or ususal datbase creation method. by default ASM looks for raw devices in /dev/rdsk and should find your disks.

checking which disks are visible from sql prompt.
sql>select * from v$asm_disks ;

In my next blog i’m gonna try and write making char special devices and presenting them to local zones instead of using long ctd devices.


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