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Meta device needs maintenance in Solaris Volume Manager

What the heck. I don’t see any disk write errors and no hard errors still metastat shows disk needs maintenance. luckily my root disks was mirrored and didn’t face any issue with OS. Since this is very old system and I didn’t want to bang my head what happend to disk. since my iostat -En,format command shows no errors on disk. I thought I would give a try by detaching the failed submirror and reattach again. that worked.

# metadetach -f <mirror> <submirror>

# metadetach -f d55 d35 # This would detach submirror d35 from mirrored metadevice d55. Note you need if it’s mirror volume you need to have atleast one working submirror.

# metaattach <mirror> <submirror> # 🙂 attaches it.

once if you do above steps for all slices. resync should start happening from other working submirrors.


April 10, 2009 - Posted by | Solaris |

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