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Recovering Veritas Volume when accidentally one disk was removed

Recently Due to small mistake, one SAN lun was unmasked accidentally. To recover the underlying filesystem this is what I followed. Thanks to Symantec doc site.

when the lun was unmasked from the system, vxprint -ht in my system shows disk failing for that disk. Unfortunately I don’t have logs for that.Anyhow this is what I followed . First thing, I asked my storage team to remap the LUN which was unmasked from my system. once system recognize the disk, if disk data wasn’t destroyed, Veritas should automatically show you the diskgroup info etc when you do vxdisk list . if it’s not showing anything and if it appears pretty much like new disk, then you are screwed and you need to set that as part of veritas config and add it to appropriate disk group and expand your volume. If there is data loss you need to recover from backup. For now I’ll assume disk information is appearing and nothing is lost.
Unmount all the volume which are dependent on this plex/volume.
Change the plex state to disabled stale using # vxmend -g <diskgroup> fix stale <plexname>
Change the plex status from disable stale to clean # vxmend -g <diskgroup> fix clean <plexname>
Start all the Volumes dependent on the plex # vxvol -g <diskgroup> startall
You might need to fsck the volume at this point of time to make sure it’s mountable using # fsck -F vxfs <raw volume>
then go for mounting # mount -F vxfs <block volume> <mount point>


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