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Removing <Drive Not Available> from Solaris

These are steps I followed to remove the LUNS which were unmasked from the system.

Removing the Unused/Unmasked LUNS from Solaris.

1. First Step is identifying the <Drive Not Avilable> from Format o/p.
2. Remove them from Volume Manager. In my case, they are veritas. so I used vxdisk rm <Disk Name>
3. look at the cfgadm -al o/p to find the disks which are failing. they are failing because they are unmasked from this system and still OS sees them.
c3::50060482d53135b8,84 disk connected configured failing
c3::50060482d53135b8,86 disk connected configured failing
c3::50060482d53135b8,87 disk connected configured failing

3. luxadm -e offline /dev/rdsk/<diskname> # This will kick the device from failing to unusable. and also removes them from format o/p.
4. cfgadm -o unusable_FCP_dev -c unconfigure c3::50060482d53135b8
# This will remove all unusable LUNS from system for particular controller and target id. don’t worry there might be some
working devices on that target. This command won’t affect them. they’ll be in working state only.
5. clean the device files using devfsadm -Cv
6. You should be clear now in both format and cfgadm -al.


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  1. Very useful blogs Gopi . Keep it up !!
    Qustion- In the command above luxadm -e , the “device” i assume is from the format output ? I get the following error .I see a lot of failing disk in cfgadm -al -o show_SCSI_LUN | grep -i failing output.Any clue ?

    luxadm -e offline /dev/rdsk/c3t5006016030603393d5
    Error: Invalid pathname (/dev/rdsk/c3t5006016030603393d5)

    root@:/$ luxadm -e offline /dev/rdsk/c3t5006016030603393d5s2
    devctl: I/O error

    Comment by Amre | July 21, 2011 | Reply

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