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When rootdg messed up with Veritas SF 3.5 or earlier

Earlier to Veritas SF 3.5 rootdg is required. incase if disks failed/messed up in rootdg. you won’t be able to run vx commands and they’ll be start failing. Examples below. Note: they are copied from google as I don’t have my system errors. but they are same.

root][~]:#vxconfigd -m boot
vxvm:vxconfigd: ERROR: enable failed: Error in disk group configuration copies
Disk group has no valid configuration copies; transactions are
vxvm:vxconfigd: FATAL ERROR: Rootdg cannot be imported during boot

root[~]:#vxdg list
vxvm:vxdg: ERROR: IPC failure: Configuration daemon is not accessible

so I restarted vxconfigd as it used to run before:

root[~]:#vxconfigd -k -m disable
root[~]:#ps -aef vxcon
root 5737 1 1 10:46:30 ? 0:01 vxconfigd -k -m disable

root[~]:#vxdg list
(this stays empty, not showing any of the 2 disk groups)

vxvm:vxprint: ERROR: IPC failure: Configuration daemon is not accessible

root[~]:#vxdisk list
vxvm:vxdisk: ERROR: Cannot get records from vxconfigd: Record not in disk group

To recover that root, you may follow these methods.
1. If it’s real hdd problem. you might want to replace that with good that we initialize that under rootdg later.
2. remove/comment the vx devices from /etc/vfstab
3) touch /etc/vx/reconfig.d/state.d/install-db. # This will make sure during reboot it won’t start vx daemons automatically.
3) reboot the system.
4) Run the vxinstall. when you run this it’ll ask do you want to initilize the disks .
say no them (This applies to only disks not in rootdg). It’ll leave the disks in earlier states.
you need to recreate the rootdg with same disks.
5) Reboot the system back & make sure you are able to run all vx commands which were failing earlier.
6) If they are working then you should put back the old /etc/vfstab vx entries back and mount them.

After Verias SF 3.5 rootdg is not important and even if it fails, no issues should come up as it’s like any other diskgroups.


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