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‘ORA-27102: out of memory’ Error while starting oracle as root in Solaris 10

Did it ever happened to you that you could start oracle DB as oracle but not root and keep throwing error saying out of memory. In Solaris 10, first thing you want to do is find out which project it belongs to using id -p. Once you identify that, bump up the value to required using prctl/projmod. In my case root belongs to project called user.root which has 30GB shared mem and it still not able to start the instance which has SHM size more than 8 GB. My box has 32 GB RAM. If we reduce the shm size to below 8 GB. it’s able to start. later on I found that. oracle binaries have setuid set and when you try to start them as root. by default they are going to project called default ( neither it’s taking nor user.root project. Don’t know why though). By default any project can have max-shared memory segment size 1/4 of physical memory. I’ve to bump up the value to required using.

prctl –n project.max-shm-mem –k –r –v 30G –i project default

projmod –s –K ‘project.max-shm-memory=(priv,30g,deny) default
BTW how did I find out it’s using default project ?
I reduced the shm value to below 8 GB and started the db. then I issued
ps –eo user,pid,args,project |grep –i pmon


Warning: while modifying default project you’ve to make sure you consider settings for other apps/instances also which runs on the same machine. By default all users are assigned to default project


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