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Increasing Inodes on UFS filesystem

Weblogic Installer on Solaris fails with following error

WARN  [WizardController] com.bea.plateng.common.util.diskspace.FileSystem – Unsatisfied link error…….
WARN  [WizardController] com.bea.plateng.common.util.diskspace.FileSystem – Unsatisfied link error…….
ERROR [Thread-4] com.bea.plateng.wizard.installer.utils.InstallFiles$ExtractFiles – Error encountered during file installation.
com.bea.plateng.common.util.crlf.CRLFException: /Weblogic/wlserver_10.3/server/lib/consoleapp/consolehelp/en-us/taskhelp/channels/ConfigureListenAddresses.html (No space left on device)

    at Method)

1. Check if you’ve sufficient space on that mount point using df command Ex: df -h /Weblogic
2. If it shows up free space. But still you get that error. You could be running out of Inodes on that filesystem.

    Check them using df -k -o i /Weblogic.

    Below is  the o/p my from my case.

                 Filesystem         iused     ifree     %iused     Mounted on
        /dev/md/dsk/d7     10752         0     100%     /Weblogic

  see from above that almost Inodes are consumed on this filesystem.

3. So How can we resolve this issue ? 
 a) Check if you’ve any unwanted files & hard links have been there on filesystem.If necessary cleanup files.especially if there is no cleanup,log files might filed up from so long. 
 b) Increase the Inodes on filesystem. 
    –> You can’t increase the inodes on filesystem without destroying the filesystem. So full backup required. 
    –> check how the filesystem was created using
           # mkfs -m /dev/md/dsk/d7
            mkfs -F ufs -o
            /dev/md/dsk/d7 20481600

From the above output you need to look at nbpi ( Number of Bytes for Inode). This gets calculated automatically based on the disk size while doing newfs. If you need more Inodes. you need to reduce the size of this value which will increase the inodes available. Below are the default nbpi values
            Disk size                   Density ( Please read man newfs for more details)
            Less than 1GB             2048
            Less than 2GB             4096
            Less than 3GB             6144
            3GB to 1 Tbyte            8192

So to increase the inodes after full backup. run newfs -i nbpi=xxxxxx ( The lesser the value. More Inodes ). Once filesystem is created restore the data from backup.


April 26, 2011 - Posted by | Solaris


  1. Thank you, you were very helpful

    Comment by Doug P | August 1, 2011 | Reply

  2. hi,
    In a filesystem i want to create a file ,but i can’t to create and filesystem is not full what may be the problem

    Comment by jo | September 14, 2011 | Reply

    • What error do you get ? Do you get file system full error or permission denied ? If filesystem full then you might want to look at df -k -o i. If it’s permission denied you might want to check if you write permissions on the dir tree.

      Comment by Gopi | September 14, 2011 | Reply

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