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Solaris 10: Patch fails with install/checkinstall: test: argument expected

Example below:

/var/tmp/121012-03/SUNWcsu/install/checkinstall: test: argument expected

pkgadd: ERROR: checkinstall script did not complete successfully
Dryrun complete.
No changes were made to the system.


This Problem happens when your /var/sadm/pkg/<package name>/pkginfo file is corrupted or messed up. In most of the cases I’ve seen is due to PATCHLIST entry in pkginfo file has “unwanted characters” or patch names not in that format it expected.

PATCHLIST should contain <PATCH BASE NUMER><REVISION> separated by spaces.

Exmaple for above error when I looked at pkginfo file. it looked like this.

# cat /var/sadm/pkg/SUNWcsu/pkginfo |grep -i patchlist
PATCHLIST=118367-04 118371-07 118373-01 118872-04 118918-22 119042-10 119573-01 119574-02
 119578-30 119824-02 120044-01 120050-04 120062-01 120128-02 120618-01 120737-01 120816-01 
120830-05 120845-03 120988-01 121002-03 121012-02 121132-01 12641SUNW_OBSOLETES=
Issue was caused due to bad entry 12641SUNW_OBSOLETES=. I’ve seem some cases PATHCLIST will have
just some base number without any -REVISION then also we get this error. 
so correcting/removing that entry & installing patch again should resolve the issue.

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