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Solaris 10 Patching issue: Patches fails with unhandled subprocess exit status ‘5’ (exit n branch)

Patch fails with below errors.

# /usr/sbin/patchadd 119254-78
Validating patches…

Loading patches installed on the system…


Loading patches requested to install.


Checking patches that you specified for installation.


Approved patches will be installed in this order:


Checking installed patches…
Executing prepatch script…

Patch 119254-78 failed to install due to a failure produced by pkgadd.

See /var/sadm/patch/119254-78/log for details

Patchadd is terminating.

Log shows below error.

patchadd exit code : 5
application of 119254-78 failed : unhandled subprocess exit status ‘5’ (exit n branch)
finish time : 2011.05.16 20:14:13
FINISHED : application of 119254-78


Whenever you get this kind of errors. Please make sure you’ve following things

1. patch dir & it’s sub-dir  is owned by root:root and read and execute permission is there for others

2. make sure there are nobody & noaccess users exist in your machine. if any one of them is missing you would get this error.

3. so it’s better always install patches from /tmp or /var/tmp. If it’s patch bundle or cluster patch set. better do it from /var/tmp. that way even on reboot you wouldn’t loose unzipped version of patch set.


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